About us

It was in 1988 that we began our journey to make Amrit Foods a household name in Assam. With a promise to give it’s customers nothing less than best, all the ingredients are carefully hand-picked and processed with the same love and care with which you prepare your food. Here is the journey of Amrit Foods so far..


Amrit Foods prides itself on its selection of products straight from the fertile fields, carefully handpicking the grains and processing them the right way. For you to lead an active life, Amrit Foods uses world-class technology in packing all product categories to lock in the freshness and flavour of ingredients.

Extra layer of safety to food packaging
Most trusted brand in Assam
Leading food brand for 25 years
FSSAI approved food products
  • 1988

    We launched Amrit Food Atta in 1988 with a promise to deliver purity and health to every home in Assam & now it has become the most loved branded packaged food product across the state.



  • 1996

    When praised with customers love, Amrit Food then entered the branded sooji market with Amrit Foods Sooji as a variant. Adding taste and texture to home cooked dishes with rich granules of fortune sooji.



  • 2004

    Gradually we acquired the confidence of trusted food distributers of Assam and Amrit Food became the favorite Atta and Sooji brand over the years.



  • 2012

    Now, Amrit Food became the most loved brand in Assam and with this milestone achieved, we introduced Amrit Food Maida, Dalia and Chakki Atta to expand our territory in serving our people with the best.


    Chakki Atta

  • 2020

    And the the journey continues, from Atta to Dalia, we have never stopped and want our customers to keep cooking delicious dishes with goodness of Amrit Foods.